Ashton’s Reptile and Amphibian Show.


Spelling words -Week 7 and 8

Week 7 Term 4- air, are, ere

*There will be no spelling words in Week 8 as there are only 3 school days with the excursion and School Closure day. We will have the spelling check for these words on Thursday 24th November.

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Letters to God

I am grateful for rivers because they give me water. I look after rivers by emptying the water out of it when the river is full. By Ethan

Dear God, I am grateful for the clouds because they water the trees and gives us water. I can look after water by not wasting it. Love from Ryan.

Dear God, I am grateful for trees because they give us oxygen so we can breath. I can look after them by not cutting them down. Love from Will H.

Dear God,I am grateful for animals because they are cute and fun to play with. Feed animals and care for animals. Love from Sacha

Dear God, Thank you for my dog. I like her because she plays with me. I will care for her by feeding her. From Xavier

Dear God, Thank you for my pets. And all the animals too. I think they are cool. From Ashton

Dear God, Thank you for the trees because we would be dead without them. We can look after the trees by not cutting them down. Love from Jackson

Dear God, Thank you for my parents and my pet. I will look after them by caring for them. Love from Ruari




Spelling Words

Week 3 Term 4- or, a, ore, aw, au

List 1 List 2 List 3 List 4





















Swimming Information

Swimming begins on Thursday 20th November and runs for five weeks, finishing on 17th November. 

1/2 MJ will be swimming at the same time as Year 3/4AC. We will be leaving school at 12.30pm and our lesson will be from 1.00-1.45pm. We will get back on the bus at 2.10pm to return to school.

Students will need to wear their bathers to school under their sport uniform on Thursdays. There is not time for students to change into bathers at school or the pool before the lesson.

They will need a separate bag with a towel, thongs, undies, plastic bag for wet bathers and hairbrush. All items need to be named please.

Students will leave their runners and socks at school and wear their thongs to the pool and back.

Students will be encouraged to eat a sandwich or something substantial at recess time, We will have time for a snack at 12.15pm before we leave. When we return to school, students may be hungry and an extra snack in their lunch box may be appreciated.

The permission form will come home tomorrow. If you are available, we  would greatly appreciate your help at changing times. Please make sure you have a current Working with Children Check.


Back to school for Term 4!

One more sleep!

Don’t forget:

  1. Your Healthy Holiday Journal
  2. Your hat
  3. Your black folder
  4. Your reader cover and homework book- if you did not give it to me on the last day.
  5. Brain food- Fruit, vegetable or nuts.
  6. Water bottle

Spelling words can be found on the blog but on a different page. Look at the tabs along the top of the page in the red box.


Holiday Homework

I am attaching the letter that came home about the holiday homework. Our students were very knowledgeable about the need to exercise, eat healthy foods and drink water. Their homework was to choose one area to really try and improve on during the holidays. They should have brought home a journal/diary to record their successes or problems. Please return this journal on the first day of school to allow us to share their achievements. 

Dear Parents and Carers,

Our focus to begin Term 4 is Healthy Living and we are hoping to engage the student’s interest and knowledge through a home task over the holidays.

Our five aims are:


We would like each child to choose one area to work on over the holidays as a goal. It could be:

I want to do 100 jumps every day with a skipping rope.

Or I want to drink 4 glasses of water every day.

Or I want to eat three pieces of fruit every day.

Or I want to choose water as a drink every day.

Or I want to limit my screen time to 2 hours per day and play outside more.

We will be beginning to talk about these before the holidays and will send home a small Healthy Holiday Journal with a suggested goal written by your child. Please feel free to change the goal your child brings home if you feel something else is more suitable. The homework task is to record their progress with the goal each day.


Goal:I want to do 100 jumps every day with a skipping rope.

17/9/16 I did 28 jumps today and I was really puffed.

18/9/16 I did 28 jumps in the morning and 32 in the afternoon.

19/9/16 I did 45 jumps today and my legs are a bit sore.

20/9/16 I could not do any jumps today because I left my skipping rope at Grandma’s so I jumped on the trampoline for 20 minutes instead.

And so on.

The Prep children can draw pictures or be helped to record their progress.

Please return the completed Journals to school on the first day of Term 4 to share with the class.



Debbie Jones , Kerrie Meyer, Leah Morgan, Bernice Gommers, Katie Lynch and Tracey Lewis.